TräningsbilderWelcome to Lunds Aikidoklubb. We train on our own premises at Winstrupsgatan 1 (the inner yard between Juridicum and Ihsiri), in the middle of Lund. Please come visit us if you want to learn more about Aikido. Do you practice in another dojo? You're welcome to come practice with us as a guest!


We take in two beginner classes each year, one in the end of January and one in the end of August. If you can't wait until then, come visit or contact us via Facebook or e-mail.

As a beginner, you are welcome to join any of our scheduled classes (listed to the left on this page) marked "beginners". You can try aikido for free the first week. Very welcome!


The word "aikido", roughly translated, means the Way of harmony with the force/energy. Training is centered on a number of principles or relationships that focus on accepting and harmonizing with the opponent's force and movement without either person sustaining injury. Aikido-training is built on mutual respect between the practicioners and requires a sense of responsibility for other students and for one's own development. An instructor can aid and inspire, but the student is solely responsible for his/her own progress through training.

Aikido was conceived as a purely defensive art, and consequently contains no attack techniques. As a result, there are no competitions in Aikido. Two individuals cannot simultaneously defend against each other.


Aikido is a relatively young japanese martial art with ancient roots. It was developed in the early 1900's by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969) after his extensive practice of other martial arts, including daito-ryu-aikijutsu. In Aikido, Ueshiba is also called the Founder or O'Sensei. O'Sensei had several prominent students, and these later evolved their art onto divergent paths. This led to the creation av several different styles of aikido.

In Lunds Aikidoklubb we practice the Aikido taught by Morihiro Saito (1928-2002). Saito was the student that continued to teach at Ueshiba's dojo in Iwama outside Tokyo after the Founder's passing. Aikido was introduced to Sweden in the early 1960's. There are currently about 5000 members training in over 100 Swedish Aikido clubs.


Lunds Aikidoklubb was founded in 1983 by Anders Hytter. In the same year, Jonas Palm, currently 5th dan, began the practice of Aikido. Jonas soon began instructing, and shared the responsibilty of being Head Instructor with Stina Deurell until 2001. He has since been the sole Head Instructor, and is presently aided by several sempai (senior students). For many years, the club led a ambulatory existence in many different venues. After a long search, the club moved into it's first own dojo in 1995. The dojo in northern Lund was the club's residence until december 2002, when we moved to our present adress at Winstrupsgatan 1.

Lunds Aikidoklubb has a board that is elected at an annual meeting, usually held in February. As a member of the club, you are welcome to participate in the annual meeting and elect a new board. The board is responsible for the administration of the club. The club is a non-profit organisation, all tasks are performed by the members themselves on a voluntary, non-paid basis. The fees paid by the members are used to pay rent for the dojo, clerical costs etc.

Lunds Aikidoklubb is a member of the Swedish Aikido Federation and the Swedish Budo Federation.


When training in Lunds Aikidoklubb, you pay a member fee and a fee for participating in the training.

Member fee is 200 SEK/year for adults and 100 SEK/year for children and youth. You pay the member fee in January, or as soon as you decide to start to train in our dojo.

Training fee for working adults is 1400 SEK/semester and 500 SEK for summer practice.

Training fee for students/unemployed is 1000 SEK/semester and 400 SEK for summer practice.

Training fee for children and youth is 600 SEK/semester (500 SEK for siblings).

Payment should be made to Lunds Aikidoklubbs bank account BG 5861-6459. Don't forget to mention your name and what you pay for!


Lunds Aikidoklubb is a member of the Swedish Budo Federation and the Swedish Aikido Federation. Due to this membership, the club's members are insured during practice. Aikidokas from other dojos are welcome to participate in the training but be sure to review your insurance situation before stepping on the mat.


We also have classes for kids and youth ages 7-14. If you're interested in youth and children's classes, contact one of our trainers:

Kids 7-10

Youth 11-14


Handling of Personal Information

Lund Aikidoklubb collects your personal information as you and/or your child becomes a member of the club. This information is thereafter handled according to the General Data Protection Regulation. Your information is used for:

  • Attendance
  • Funding and grant application
  • Payment of member and training fees
  • Information about the club’s current activities
  • Examinations
  • Insurance cases after accident during
  • Statistical analysis by organisations of which Lunds Aikidoklubb is a member

Your Rights

You have the right to at any time:

  • Gain access to the information we have about you
  • Change any of that information
  • Be informed about how your information is used and who may access it
  • Permanently remove your information from our systems (note that this also involves the termination of your membership)

Who may access your information?

Within the club, your information is mostly used be instructors at the admittance of new members and for taking attendance. The board may also handle your information for purposes stated above. You information is also registered in the following systems outside of the club:

  • The municipality’s system for attendance and grant applications
  • IdrottOnline – the system used by the Swedish National Organisation of Sports (Riksidrottsförbundet) for member registration, statistical analysis, insurance cases, etc.
  • The email system of the club – external system for sending information to members

Your personal will not be shared with any external, with the exception of the municipality of Lund. Your personal information will be removed at the latest 24 months after membership has been discontinued. For removal of your personal information from IdrottOnline or the municipality’s system, special contact with Riksidrottsförbundet or the municipality of Lund is required.


Lunds Aikidoklubb follows the regulations stipulated by Riksidrottsförbundet. In the case of any data breach that comes to the attention of the club the relevant members will be informed immediately.